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Discussion in 'Announcements & Informations' started by AtoXz™ GL, Apr 30, 2017.

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    May 7, 2015
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    1. Posts with pornographic, politically extreme, morally hazardous and other illegal content and links. This implies posts about cracks, hacks, keys, warez as well as promoting illegal activities (drugs and other criminal offenses).

    2. Any discussions and inquiries concerning : Warnings, sanctions and blocking of users on the forum.

    3. Posts in coarse and / or abusive language.

    4. Advertising of any kind, whether directly or indirectly (e.g. third party links). This includes linking to other (browser) games, so-called "Thief games" or links and references to external tools.
    Only links for GobelinLand and our server are allowed.

    5. Content, links, user names etc. created only to offend other users of the community. This also applies to posts which only serve the purpose to provoke or annoy others ("Trolling").

    6. Content that does not relate to the forum / topic, so called spam / offtopic (e.g. images / smiley - spam). This applies also for meaningless pushing of threads.

    7. Posts made for users who are banned in the forum.

    8. Editing or alienating of edits done by the staff. Comments / Edits of staff members must be preserved.

    9. Imitation of staff members.

    10. Content like "topic can be closed" by others than the thread creator and posts which can be regarded as forum moderation. You can always report suspicious posts to a moderator or forum administrator.

    11. Abuse of the "report" feature.


    1. Massive borderline behaviour can be stacked and may lead to one single warning or penalty. Several warnings may lead to a penalty. Every case will be regarded separately. Re-registration of a forum account during a temporary ban (and thus bypassing the ban) leads to a permanent ban.

    2. If you feel treated unfair, please contact the relevant Moderator. If this is not satisfactory, you can contact an Administrator. Whose decision is always final. The same applies to closed threads.

    A warning is a reminder that forums rules have been violated or a manager is about to do so. In this case, a warning may be issued to indicate this fact.
    A warning is meant as a friendly note and has no immediate effect.

    Warning Points

    Collecting a certain number of warning points lead to a temporary forums ban, to cool and give time to come to rest. Certain serious violations may result in an immediate ban. Likewise, the accumulated penalty points can also lead to financial penalties in the game.
    If you collect more penalty points during a ban, this may lead to a long term ban.
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